History Of Griffin Waste

Griffin Waste: A Family Business Built on Experience, Innovation, and Customer Service

Griffin Waste Services, LLC began in April of 2002 in Asheville, NC as a family operation by Mike, Margo and Chad Griffin. We started the business with one new Mack roll-off and one new Ford F-450 with a Swaploader hook lift hoist. During that first year we added another new Mack and a second new Ford. In 2004 we sold the two Macks and our 30-yard waste containers to focus on the 10-yard business.

We learned that the 10-yard containers were in great demand and we were able to place them most anywhere without damaging property, unlike the larger dumpsters. Over the years we have learned what customers are looking for in a service provider, and we have focused on being the best, which has resulted in dynamic growth.

In late 2007 we used what we had learned about the business to see if our systems could be replicated in another market, so we started an operation in Knoxville, TN. After we got the Knoxville operation up and running under the management of Mike’s nephew Ryan Norwood, we evaluated how much time and resources it takes to learn what you need to know about markets and areas. We then decided to work on franchising our business so we could teach people that already had knowledge of the areas and markets to do what we had done.

Our first franchise operation began in 2010 in Charlotte, NC. Our second franchise operation serves the Northern Kentucky (Cincinnati) area and also opened in 2010. Our third and newest operation opened in Nashville, TN in May of 2011. We are working hard every day to instill in each employee and associate of Griffin Waste Services the attitude and ability to provide services that exceed our customer’s expectations.