Benefits Of Renting Dumpsters Locally

Look Local, Save Money, and Get Better Service!

Chances are that if you searched for “dumpster rental,” you saw many choices. Chances are also good that at least 10 of the first 12 or so choices are what are called “service brokers.” This means they will take your order for a dumpster and send it out to one of the local providers, like us.

There are a few obvious drawbacks to this arrangement:

  • Service is more expensive because the broker has to charge additional fees to make money
  • You will not be able to talk to the person that is scheduling or dispatching your order
  • If you need additional service quickly, the request must flow through additional parties

So why not go directly to the source and order your dumpster from a local provider, like us! We can take your order and process the payment on your charge card, or by check or cash. We will be able to tell you where the truck is located and when it should arrive, if needed. We will also understand what you tell us about your community because we live here too. When you call or order a dumpster, ask if they are an actual local provider. We employee local people, purchase goods locally and pay local taxes.

Let’s Keep It Local!